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Want a fun night out thats different from just going to dinner? This is the answer. We bought my mum a cooking class for her birthday, trying to think outside of the box and little did I know I would reap the benefits. In a little pocket of Highgate who would have thought we'd find this! Taste Budds Cooking Studio. I knew we were in the right place, with our kind of people when I read the first line of what they were all about.

"Here at Taste Budds Cooking Studio we’re passionate about great food – cooking it, eating it and enjoying it with like-minded people.

Owner Chef Sophie Budd has more than 20 years experience working with some of the best chefs in the world including Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver and Antonio Carlucci."

They do everything from cooking classes to catering, hens & bucks parties and venue hire as well. The night we went we had an amazing Indian experience with Spice Mama. Depending on what night you book, the cuisines and teachers are different so just find what you love and book it in. It wasn't a step by step demonstration, it was a 'here's the recipe, here's a table of ingredients, give it a go!' Which we loved! Mum and I bought a bottle of wine and made our way through the recipes. We made indian street food like samosas, naan bread, chicken skewers and all kinds of fun things and had such a fun night! There was about 20 of us there and at the end of the night we all sat down and ate together and it was so beautiful to meet with people from everywhere who you wouldn't normally cross paths with in your normal day to day life. What resonated so well with me was the passion from not only the owner of the Taste Budds Cooking Studio but from our cooking teach Shaheen from Spice Mama. All her spices and recipes are traditional indian recipes that have been passed down through her family for generations. You could taste the history, passion & love and thats why the food was so amazing. It's the passion that makes all the difference.

I 100% recommend this! A beautiful place for a date night, corporate bonding session, an event or fun with friends. The contact details are below but make sure you check out the sites as well to see all they have to offer.

To find the cooking classes:

To order some incredible spices:

X Kate

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