You can and you will.

Part of 'The Passion Collective' philosophy is to inspire others to follow what they are passionate about and let us help you put that out there in a visual, beautiful and authentic way. What sets our business apart from other production companies is that I have a background in health and wellness and I care for your product and what it has taken to put it out there into the world.

Sometimes this involves exploring yourself and pushing through hard personal boundaries to get there. I decided that I would like to expose a side of who I am throughout this journey to show how much this means to me. What I have to say now is personal and terrifying to expose but, I want to share my story, to show what it has taken to find 'The Passion Collective' and I hope that this will inspire others to follow their gut.

When starting a new venture you find yourself questioning if you have made the right call. When you realise you have started something you have been waiting for all your life, self doubt can sneak in and fear may raise it's ugly head.

'The Passion Collective' came about after 6 months of self analysis and also allowing the right people into my life. I've had a number of hits to my ego in the last year and that was enough to send me over the edge and lose control. However, I'm proud to say that I did overcome it and through exercise and applying a healthy approach to my life I was able to accept the situation and move forward. The fear still pops up every now and then and I recently found myself googling 'How to believe in yourself,' and it brought me to an article that has reignited my self belief.

Read his words and it will truely resonate.

I met someone almost a year ago that had the drive and passion I have been craving all my life, and through his teachings of self belief I started this journey. The other thing he taught me was to simply breathe.

'Knowledge is power,' is a concept we also discussed and since then I haven't stopped wanting to know more about the human body, about the brain, health and wellness and how it is we come to live a full, authentic life. The more I learn, the more my brain seems to realign and I feel driven and in control again. I do believe I still have a while to go but, I will get there.

Sometimes I think this person thinks I won't but, he constantly tells me that what he thinks shouldn't matter and this is something I should live by. What others think can't matter because at the end of the day, everyone is fighting their demons, and just trying to get by and be 'Happy'. This is my way.

A topic I have been terrified to approach is the fact that I have believed, due to it being in our family gene pool, that I have suffered from depression and anxiety all my life. Tonight I found myself in place of panic, self doubt and I was extremely overwhelmed. In recent months I have discovered that, it was the idea that I had depression that has caused me to not follow my gut for years. Each time I have had a gut feeling, I was left with the question 'Is this me?', 'Do I really feel this way or is just my depression?' It is a debilitating way to live and whilst perhaps the depression may exist, these feelings are and always will be, my own.

With the launch of 'The Passion Collective' looming in just days, the questioning lingered. However, because I made the terrifying move to confront my demons this year I was able to overcome these doubts. Writing this has soothed me and whilst I am anxious putting this out there, I felt the need to express how 'The Passion Collective' is something I have been trying to discover for almost 10 years. I am dedicated to making this work and dedicated to helping others, believe in themselves.

When you're not listening to yourself you will lash out, blame others for your unhappiness and you will look outwards and make mistakes. Look at yourself, search long and hard and confront yourself. We have one life, make the changes - YOU are the only one responsible for your happiness. I only learnt this, this year and have stopped blaming others. Break downs will happen as you confront yourself. You will find yourself pushing people away and feel you are turning into someone you don't recognise, but this is all part of the process.

I am so excited about this new venture and hope this inspires others to follow. These personal blogs will be few and far between, but I believe they are important. So, when it comes down to it. Just Breathe.

x Kate Mac

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