Escape in the City - Como Shambhala

What an amazing few weeks its been. From the initial idea to the launch of GreenGoodnesscoTV where we got to showcase our work, it's been a matter of weeks. We couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to show our work to 250 wellness businesses around Perth.

We worked relentlessly along side Broadside Brand Design to get out first project up and running and after a few little teasers on instagram we are finally ready to show it. This is an example of what we can do for your company. There are many levels of service we provide from this 3 minute full length story to 30 second instagram grabs. Each project is custom designed to suit what you need.

The difference between us and other companies is that I will sit down with you in the initial meeting and no matter how long it takes we will piece together a beautiful project and I will make sure you come across authentic and real in your presentation. I know some people aren't great in front of the camera and it can be very intimidating but, that is why you have me :) I know what its like and I won't stop until you are comfortable and confident. I take a lot of pride in how the video makes you feel, how it connects to the audience and I believe it is the passion behind the creator that makes this. So, give me a call and lets work this through.

From juice bars to fitness clubs, yoga studios to active wear - we do it all. This first example is a slow, beautiful piece to reflect the feel of Como Shambhala. If yours is more of a crazy, uplifting place we will do that for you too. It's all about YOU and your product and how you want to be perceived. We're so excited to be under way!

So, just a little bit about Como:

COMO Shambhala is the heartbeat of personal wellbeing at COMO The Treasury. Our experts help you proactively improve and sustain good health by combining both Western and Eastern wellness traditions, with group and one-on-one classes in yoga, Pilates and personal training, as well as massage therapy for hands-on healing.​

So - please watch and enjoy and let us know what you think. Feedback is always welcomed. I would like to note that this was done in a matter of days and when working with out clients we would normally have more time so, with that in mind know there is more that we can do :)

A HUGE thank you to the gorgeous Stephy Johnson from Como who allowed us to take over her studio and for being so authentic and wonderful through the whole process. So much love for this woman!

X Kate Mac

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