I'm on a Highway To Health.

I’m on the Highway to Health and you could be to!

Forget the 100 page eating program and overwhelming information sprawled all over the internet. If you have been trying to find an easy program that isn't ridiculously expensive and unrealistic, this local Perth team have done something pretty special and it won't completely consume your life.

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It takes around 21 days to change a habit and this is exactly the length of Highway to Health’s new ‘Healthy Eating Program’. Highway to Health understands that it’s quite overwhelming and confusing when it comes to dieting and eating healthy, so what they are wanting is to minimise the confusion and develop wholesome nutritional eating habits.

The crew behind Cooee Crossfit down at Claremont Showgrounds are the creators of the 21-day program that is the result of their members saying “can you please just tell me how to eat?” The program is designed to provide you with exactly what to eat and when, taking all the stress out of eating healthy!

Now, I know what you are thinking, just who are these mystical, amazing people from Cooee Crossfit? This little video will tell you all you need to know.

Originally, the program was started for Cooee’s members to assist them in loosing those last few kilos or to simply build healthy eating habits, but through the capabilities of the internet this stress-less plan is available for everyone.

The program entails 21 days worth of meals, recipes and workouts where you can expect to break old habits create new ones and hopefully form and manage a healthier lifestyle.

The meals consist of a combination of paleo, low carb high fat, Zone and real food principles, meaning no added sugar, processed food, grains, coffee or alcohol. The recipes are based upon seasonal produce as well as meal-replacement smoothies that are energy-packed and designed to sustain your energy. It’s also handy to know it’s not difficult to seek the ingredients, as all the items are easily found at your local super market, fruit and vegetable store, farmer’s market or health food store.

At Highway to Health, they are firm believers of the 80/20 outlook, where any body transformation is made up of 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, so clearly they focus heavily on nutrition but they also include workouts that can be done at home or in a park and don’t require any equipment.

Yes, it does seem quite strict especially for those who don’t mind rewarding themselves with a happy hour or two but, it’s only 21 days and you’ll find that’s the right amount of time to be able to stick to the program and to develop new habits that are easy to maintain for life.

Interested? Don’t hesitate in contacting Highway to Health to enhance your body, health and lifestyle!

SIGN UP HERE! http://highwaytohealth.com.au/ref/3

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