Juanitas: Good For a Quickie.

August 29, 2016




If you're meeting a friend for a quick drink and some nibbles you can't go past Juanitas. Tucked down the back of an art supply shop on Rokeby Road, is the locally loved small wine bar, Juanitas. At this hole-in-the-wall bar you will find a decent wine list and seasonal tapas to pair with and pick at, making it just what others and we look at when sourcing a local go to ‘chill’ spot. 


The interior and main room is about the size of a standard lounge room and has the same vibes, making it an unpretentious and cosy atmospheric space. 


Owner Murray Gill who also owns the art shop is notorious for his opinion about promoting this hole-in-the-wall watering hole, thinking that word of mouth is the only promoting he wants. Who really likes to see these kinds of places loose its unique character due to increased promotion? We find that the thrill of finding places like this makes the final destination even more intriguing.


So with that in mind, we will leave it at that. 


If you have any questions we guess you will need to go and check it out yourself!















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