Happy Physio: The Next Phase

Happy Physio – Launch

The launch of Happy Physio’s new space or the ‘Next Chapter’ in Mount Lawley, that we were so glad to be part of, was an energetic night full of high fives and smiles. Joining up with Known Associates, Nood, Ultimo Catering and Kommunity Brew the night was accompanied with a great spread of delicious bites and refreshing brews.

Photo Courtesy of The Social Pages

Walking up the green carpet and passing by acrobatic dancers, we were cheerfully welcomed as we proceeded to enter into this wellness oasis. Wandering around the venue, we were taken aback almost speechless, unable to describe the fit out, the feel, the atmosphere. Funny enough though, the first thing that caught the eye was the huge platter put on offer with all of the meats, cheeses, crackers and dried fruits you could possibly think of, making it epically perfect to pair with your champagne or cocktail that amazingly seemed to just fall into your hand.

Photo Courtesy of The Social Pages

As the night continued to flow the venue continuously filled up with long term clients, local businesses and the whose who of the health and wellness industry. The volume of chatter increased and the reason for this could’ve been that everyone was having a great time, but we think the detox cocktails could have had something to do with it. Walking back to the front we wanted to check out these detox cocktails that everyone was sipping on, and after some thought we opted for the tangy refreshing Detox Tonic. With drinks in hand, we gravitated to the main room again to test out our skills in the yoga pose competition. For the yoga pose we needed to hold a plank for as long as we could while balancing our hands on a surfboard stabilizer. Lets just say we did okay… Just before the formal part of the night kicked off we went to get a few quick snaps at the VIP Lane photo booth, which proved to be a good laugh!

After the official opening, founder Scott gave us his story and how he got to where he is today.

After graduating from Curtin University Scott Wescombe found it difficult to find a studio he felt happy to work with thus creating Happy Physio. Tucked down the side of the Loftus Centre out of a tiny room he begun offering Personal Training and Physiotherapy sessions. Continuously growing, the tiny room got a little too small and crowded leading him and his wife, Tarryn, to open the beautifully crafted space in Mount Lawley.

Incorporating his background in Australian football and his grandmothers ‘missed opportunities’ through sickness; Scott wanted to design a space that had the perfect balance of exercise and health, and we think he has done just that!

Automatically giving you a calming mindfulness, the venue itself is airy and spacious while at the same time visually encompassing. More so than a gym, it feels like more of a café and retreat rather than somewhere you would go to break a sweat.

On saying that, Happy Physio offers an extensive range of classes such as boxing, pilates, functional training and yoga as well as physiotherapy and massage, truly making it a place with that perfect balance of exercise and health.

With the aim in ‘Helping you live the best life possible’ we think they have hit the nail on the head and the launch of their new space epitomises this exactly. We are ecstatic for Scott and Tarryn to see where their future will take them.


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