Lunch Date at Pearth Organic Kitchen

If ever there was a cafe that matched their owner, it's Pearth Organic Kitchen. A genuine person with a genuine love for cafe culture and wholesome food. If you haven't stopped by this little gem you need to put it on your 'must-do' list. Kate Mac had a chance to sit down with Owner and Founder Rebecca Brown, a remarkable young Perth girl who had a vision and made it happen. After 18 job attempts and plenty of frustration, Beck finally followed her heart and created her own world.

One of writers, Chris Crellin went down to take a look for himself.

The café doesn’t stand out on the street (we actually drove past it a few times), encompassing the complete understanding of organic, not making a big screaming impact but more of a soft touch, on what you could almost consider a residential area.

Entering the café, we stepped into more than just a café. The open kitchen made us feel as though we were involved in the whole process from ordering our food to it being crafted in the kitchen then placed in front of us ready to tuck in.

What Pearth Organic Kitchen is all about is creating wholesome and healthy food. Although you may think by the name its just another health café only serving all things vegan, they want to maintain as inclusive as possible, feeding the gluten intolerant, vegan, vegetarian and the meat-eating people of Perth.

All their food is free of refined sugars and processed products, as they believe that health is the natural consequence of using whole foods, organic ingredients and conscience cooking techniques.

After scouring the menu, we went for the smashed avo and a smoothie and man was it tasty. I do have to point out; they were very accommodating with the smoothie. My sister had some dietary requirements and let Beck know. After describing what she could and couldn’t have, Beck just said, 'leave it up to me', and went on to whip up a great tasting combination.

After devouring the avo and smoothie we had another quick look at the menu and now I cannot wait to dig into their warm banana bread on my next visit!

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