Fire & Flow Launch

Fire and Flow Launch

The morning ended with a juice in hand, soaking up the sunshine poolside at Matisse Beach Club. The launch of Fire and Flow went down wonderfully there was no need for Chavon to collapse and die as she had written on her run sheet. Instead she was listening to how everyone felt rejuvenated and energised after their first taste of Fire and Flow.

Fire and Flow is a 50 minute group fitness class that will set your body on fire with a high intensity interval workout then reset you with a dynamic mind body flow. The crew at Matisse loved that the Fire phase was over in just 30 minutes, and was followed by sweet 20 minute Flow. So by the time final relaxation had finished no one could remember they ever worked hard.

Fire and Flow is for the love of movement and getting people living an active life they can sustain. The recovery element during the Flow is so important for people living busy lives as they can’t afford to be so stiff they have to drop the last 20cm to the toilet. Instead the tough Fire phase will work their whole body and the Flow will reset it.

Everyone left Matisse with an awesome goodie bag filled with samples and vouchers from small Australian health and wellness businesses, as well as an invitation to come along to the Fire and Flow classes. Fire and Flow now runs three times a week at Wembley Community Centre.

If this sounds like a class you would love to try then head to for all the information.

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