Freeze Your Way To Healthy!


Any of those relate to you? How about all of them? What if I said one treatment could handle all of these in one. I've got your attention now don't I?


You've seen it on your social media feeds and heard whispers in the corridor at work, well at least I have. Cryotherapy is the new kid on the block when it comes to wellness and I just had to go and check it out. I contacted the team in Wangara and straight away they told us to come on down and give it a try. It's unlike anything I've done before and one things for sure, I will be going back. In a nutshell - I had the Cryo Sauna, the Cryo Massage and the Cryo Facial.

The sauna was hilarious. I braved it and decided on my first try to stand in the tube at the lowest possible temperature - negative 150 degrees! That's right, I was basically frozen but it's not has bad as it sounds. In fact it's pretty exhilarating. I was given ugg boots and gloves to keep my extremities warm and I only had to brave the temperature for 3 minutes. This was long enough to get the benefits, but short enough not to freeze you. How it works is rather complicated, so instead of me trying to explain it all here check out the video below.

I sat down with Nicole from The Cryotherapy Centre Perth who filled me in on the science, the benefits and how her and her husband Jason got involved with Cryotherapy in the first place.


This was such a different experience. After the sauna I felt euphoric, fresh and immediately slimmer.

  • I burned between 500 to 800 calories throughout the day.

  • I train a lot as a fitness instructor so I'm often quite sore - I noticed a quick increase in my athletic recovery time.

  • My energy levels were high all day.

  • my muscles were quite swollen and inflamed from my workouts and I notice the Inflammation decreased throughout both my joints and muscles

  • I experienced a great sense of mental clarity.

  • My shoulder and hip have been troublesome in the past few months and I noticed in the days after the treatment the pain had reduced.

And this was all after just 1 session. The massage further improved my muscle recovery and even targeted some cellulite areas. One of the benefits is that it helps stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic systems, which improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to organs. It also helps with fluid retention so I felt so much lighter once I was finished.

The facial, more than anything was super refreshing and it's the only facial you can have where you don't have to remove your make up. Weird right? It's literally cold air blowing on your face and my word do you feel rejuvenated afterwards. You know how people from colder climates seem to look fresher and younger than us sun kissed Aussies? Well cryotherapy taps into that. The long laster benefits from ongoing treatment include:

  • Increases skin radiance and rejuvenation

  • Boosts collagen production

  • Assists to reduce pigmentation or uneven skin tone

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Treats various skin conditions such as; eczema, acne, cuts and bruising

  • Helps with blood flow

There are many different versions of each treatment available you chose depending on the results you are after. It's quick, painless and overall a really relaxing experience. The owners, Jason and Nicole are such nice and accomodating people as well so you are guaranteed to be looked after. A huge thank you to them for letting me come down and hijack their facility for the morning!

To find out prices and more about Cryotherapy click on the image below.

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