Kate Mac - Presenter

Zoom TV Segway Special

Kate Mac decided to take Allan and Aaron on a bit of an adventure around Perth but from a differnt point of view. Segways are all the rage for tourists and travellors to see cities all around the world and Perth is no different. 

The Rural Building Company

How many times do you hear people say "I just want to get away for the weekend"? Well The Rural Building Company makes homes that turn your life into that getaway weekend. Kate is having a look at one of their great designs and talking to the team about how the custom design process comes together. 

Goodlife Homes - The Verve

Kate is a slave to new trends; phones, fashion, and homes. That's why she's so excited to have a peek inside the brand new design from Goodlife Homes called The Verve. It has everything you could possibly want out of a new home without that hefty price tag.


Story featured on The West Real Estate Progam by Torque Productions

Zoom TV on 7mate - What Scratch?

Kate Mac looks at a great way to get your car looking tip top and discovers this company has more to offer you than just a great service. 


Zoom TV on 7mate Parkside Towbars

Kate Mac vists Parkside Towbars, the authority on Towbars, Bullbars and more.

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Kate Mac - Producer

Comoshambala Perths Inner city Escape

The team from The Passion Collective and Broadside Brand Design got to go down and create a premium package for the most amazing wellness centre in Perth. The beautiful manager, Steph Johnson talks us through the space, whats available and how Yoga has changed her life. 

Nissan Navara

It's been ten long years since the Nissan Navara had any real changes made to its DNA but 2015 is the year that Nissan have finally redesigned this incredibly popular workhorse and it's now out on our roads and gravel tracks creating quite a stir.

Furniture Hire and Styling Australia

Hans is having a makeover! Kind of... he is getting some worthwhile tips though from Rayne Embley about how best to stage an empty home to get the most out of a sale. Just have a look at what the very clever stylists at Furniture Hire & Styling Australia can do with any sized room!

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